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Spring Break Essentials


Spring Break Essentials !
My Top 15 Must-Have Essentials:
1. Sunscreen
2. Hats – (Fedoras & Cute Snapbacks)
3. Sunglasses
– I would recommend sunglasses that are inexpensive because you don’t want to lose your nice/expensive Sunglasses. (Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, and Target are great stores that carry stylish, fun, and affordable Sunglasses.)
4. Tanning Oil
-(Coconut Oil) because it gives you a beautiful glow and a natural tan that us girls all want!
5. Beach Towel
6. Beach Bag or Backpack
7. Food- (Water Bottles & Snacks)
8. Flip Flops, Sandals, and Sneakers
-For sneakers, I would recommend some slip on shoes whether it be Vans, Keds, or Converse. In my opinion,  I think sneakers are a cute, casual, and laid back way to add some style to your outfit. As for Flip Flops, I would recommend Old Navy Flip Flops because they are stylish and affordable.
9. Sun Dresses & Rompers
-I would recommend to bring one of each because you could use both as a cute overlayer to your swim suit or If you go out with your friends to a restaurant, you could either throw on a Sun Dress or a Romper. Add a few accessories and you are good to go! That’s what I call Casual Glam! Haha
10. A lightweight Hoodie or Cardigan Sweater for those chilly days on the beach or for the night time.
11. Shorts
-To be more specific, Denim Shorts!
Denim shorts are a Must-Have Essential for Spring and Summer in my eyes.
12. Umbrella
-I would recommend an umbrella because even though it’s Spring, it can be hot like those Summer time days. I think it’s a cool and a comfortable way to sit or lay under the sun.
13. Lip Balm
-Lip Balm keeps your lips moist and hydrated. It is my everyday Must-Have Beauty Essential that I have in my bag all day’ everyday.
14. Hair Spray & Mousse
-For Beach Hair, these two hair products keep your hair looking pretty and effortless by having the perfect beach wavy hairstyle.
15. Cell Phone, Headphones, and Portable Speaker

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