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Forever 21 Spring Haul- Hair Accessories






I ordered a lot of Hair Accessories with my mother for the Spring & Summer time.
The Hair Accessories included:
-Headwraps ( Prints such as Floral, Stripes, & Polka Dots, etc.)
-Hair Ties & Hair Scrunchies
-Hair Clips
As you may see in the above pictures, I ordered Headwraps more than anything else. What can I say?, I Love Headwraps…
My mother picked out a few stylish Headwraps. She ordered the Blue & White Stripe Wire Headwrap. She also ordered the Black Floral Headwrap and the Tie-Dye Headwrap. I basically ordered all of the other choices. However, my favorite Headwraps are the Watermelon Wire Headwrap and the White Chain Polka Dot Wire Headwrap. I thought this would be a great post because I wanted to show the New Arrivals of Forever 21’s Hair Accessories. I also wanted to show how these Headwraps are very stylish and the prints are versatile whether it be Spring or Summer. I most definitely would recommend picking up some Hair Accessories from Forever 21!

#SpringHaul #HairAccessories #Forever21


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