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Food: Bagels -(Bagel Street Cafe)


If you are looking for a great Bagel place or If you are a Bagel Fanatic, I would recommend Bagel Street Cafe, I absolutely LOVE this place! Bagel Street Cafe has many varieties of Bagels such as Asiago, Cheese, & Pesto Bagels, etc.  Bagel Street Cafe also has a variety of Bagel Sandwiches. I’ve heard the Bagel Sandwiches are great. As for the menu, the Bagel Sandwiches have some great choices such as California Turkey Club & Turkey/ Provolone Cheese on Dutch Crunch Bagel Sandwich. I think these Bagel Sandwiches add a unique twist on the “Everyday Classic Sandwich”. This place is also very affordable. Prices of a Bagel ranges from $2.00 & Up depending on what you decide to put on your Bagel or Bagel Sandwich. In my picture above, I ordered the Pesto Bagel with Sun Dried Tomato Cream Cheese Spread. It is my favorite Bagel Snack! I recommend that everyone should try this place. I have been to Bagel Street Cafe only three times. However, I plan on going back way more to try other things like the Bagel Sandwiches.

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