Beauty: BH Cosmetics Review/Swatches


I recently purchased a few items from BH Cosmetics for the first time. I wanted to share my first impression review. I also wanted to share swatches of the Forever Nude Palette and the Floral Blush Duos! (:

My first impression of BH Cosmetics is that they are a great Beauty line. I most definitely will keep purchasing products from this Beauty line.
The Floral Blush Duos are in my list of Top Favorites for Blushes. I really like how pigmented these Blushes are. The Floral Blushes that I recently purchased from BH Cosmetics were the Tulip and the Rose Blush. I love these two colors! I love these two colors because in my makeup look I like to have a natural & more subtle look. I think these two colors are perfect! However, I would like to try some of the other colors in these Floral Blush Duos because they all look so pretty!
The Forever Nude Palette has to be my favorite makeup palette. I LOVE this palette because this palette is an everyday palette. I use this palette everyday as my everyday look. I love the colors that they include in this palette. The palette consists of shades of pinks, white-beige, and browns. If I had to describe this palette, I would say it is a natural look palette yet girly and romantic because of some of the pinks. I would most definitely recommend this palette!

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Verdict: A+


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