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Summer Fun!


Summer Fun! 😝
Late Post-The Beach & Sushi for Dinner with the Fam.

P.S. -If you are looking for a Great Sushi Restaurant, I would highly recommend this Sushi Restaurant- Hanabi Sushi. When I look for a Sushi Restaurant, I like traditional Japanese Food Places. Most importantly, I like the food to be very tasty and delicious. Hanabi Sushi has very tasty food as well as affordable prices. My family and I will definitely be going back again.
I ordered the Bento Dinner Box with Chicken Teriyaki and Tempura. This meal came with Miso Soup,Salad, Snap Peas & Rice for $12.95. If you are looking for a great Sushi Plate, my brother and I ordered the Aloha Roll, which consists of Spicy Tuna,Tuna,Avocado, & Cucumbers. The price of the Aloha Roll was $10.95 for 8 pcs.
-Verdict: A+
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