VS Pink Mini Haul


VS Pink Haul:
I recently went to one of my #Favorite stores Victoria’s Secret and I purchased a few things from the @vspink section.
Shopping List:
-Pink Apparel Tee
Price: $29.95 -Lace Pink Polka Dot Cheekster Price: $10.50
Sale Price w/Reward Coupons:
Free $0.00 -The Perfect Legging Tee “On Wednesday We Wear Pink”
Price: $24.95
Sale Price: $21.21
For the Cheekster Panty and The Perfect Legging Tee, I got these two items on sale. I received 15% OFF for The Perfect Legging Tee. As for the VS Cheekster, I had a coupon for a free Lace Cheekster.
#VSPink #Pink #PinkNation #HolidayShopping #MiniHaul #LovePink #Apparel #Tees #Clothing #Style #StyleBlogger #Cheeksterpanty #PolkaDots #TrendyTuesday


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