Beauty Review: Cover Girl Foundation Review


Cover Girl Clean Whipped Foundation Review:
First off, I would like to say that I really LOVE this Foundation.
-Satin Finish ( I have Combo Oily/Dry Skin, and it leaves my skin feeling nice and lightweight along with a dewy finish.
-Full Coverage ( When applying this Foundation, I ONLY use the Foundation, however, you can apply Concealer, if you want. I feel that it gives a flawless and lightweight complexion by itself)
-Easy to Blend ( I use my Elf Stipple Brush) When applying, I recommend taking a small dime amount to about a nickel amount to apply on your face. It comes out flawless and looks natural. A little goes a long way for this product.
– Long Lasting -Lasts for a long time about 6 Hours to 8 Hours
– I only have one con, which is I wish it had a Pump Applicator because it would make it easier and less likely for bacteria to build up.
Overall, this Foundation is in my Top 5 for Drugstore Foundations. I recommend trying this product. It is most definitely worth it!
-P.S. I’m in the Shade 342
Have any of you Beauties tried this Foundation? If so, How did you guys like it? Do any of you Beauties have any suggestions for other good Drugstore Foundations?

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