Beauty: ULTA BEAUTY (NYX Cosmetics) 



I went to ULTA today and picked up some @nyxcosmetics Beauty Products! 

The Shopping List:

•NYX The Skinny Mascara in Black (Buy One Get One 50%) 

Price: $6.99 –> $3.36 

•NYX Tinted Moisturizer in Natural Beige (Buy One Get One 50%) 

Price: $9.99 –> $4.81 

•NYX Hi Def Concealer Wand Yellow Price: $4.99 –> $2.35

•NYX Lipstick Round Paparazzi Price: $3.99 –> $1.88

All of these products were Buy One Get One 50% OFF along with my extra points for my ULTA Rewards, which brought down the prices of each product even lower. Everything that I purchased was Under $20, which is a great deal! Beauties, I’m so excited to try 3 out of the 4 products. I already have tried the HD Def Yellow Concealer Wand and it is my Favorite Concealer. It’s definitely a #MustHave when it comes to Beauty Essentials. Xo Beauties, Bri 💕😜✌️ #BeautyHaul #ULTABeauty #ULTA #MOTD #Makeup #NYX #NYXCosmetics 


Chicken Teriyaki Dinner Plate 

 Chicken Teriyaki, Tempura, Salad & Rice for tonight’s Dinner. For Dinner, I ordered a Chicken Teriyaki Dinner and it came with Miso Soup, Salad, & Rice along with Tempura Vegetables. It was priced at $12.95, however, it was 20% OFF Meals & 30% OFF Sushi. By the way, it is 20% OFF and 30% OFF everyday from the time 3:00PM-6:00PM ONLY. My family and I also ordered some sushi rolls too; we ordered Spicy Tuna Roll and the Tuna/ Tekka Maki Roll. Everything was delicious and very tasty as well as affordable. The Place is called Ahii Sushi and I highly recommend this Japanese Restaurant!

  #Thankful #Dinner #ChickenTeriyaki #Salad #Tempura #Rice #JapaneseFood #Fresh #Hot #Food #Delicious 


Denny’s Tonight 

 Denny’s for Dinner tonight w/ the FamBam. 💕 -P.S. The Blueberry Pancakes are very delicious! On a Scale of 1-10, these Blueberry Pancakes with Fresh Strawberries, Icing, & Whipped Cream are a High 10! I’m not usually a fan of pancakes due to the fact that they can be very heavy, however, these pancakes are very light, delicious tasting, & to top it off refreshing with the fresh berries. I would recommend trying these Blueberry Pancakes as well as my Breakfast/Dinner Plate. 👌 #Dennys #Pancakes #Breakfast #BreakfastForDinner #Thankful #Yummy #Food #FoodLovers 


Beauty: Hair Tool (HerStyler Baby Curls Wand) 


My Curling Wand from HerStyler just arrived! -P.S. This HerStyler Baby Curls Wand is 9-18mm in diameter size, which means it’s a very thin/skinny wand. I purchased this wand because I’ve read many great reviews and I also needed a wand that was thinner in diameter. I will post a Review later w/ more detail! #HerStyler #CurlingWand #Curls #CurlingIron #BabyCurlsWand #Hair #HairCare #Beauty #BeautyBlogger #Excited