Beauty Review: Elf Brow Gel & Lash Mascara 

Elf Cosmetics Clear Brow & Lash Mascara is one of my favorite #BeautyEssentials for this Summer. The Brow Gel is great and it works wonders. It’s a great price. It’s price is listed at $2.00, which is a #BeautyDeal! The Elf Clear Brow Gel keeps your #EyebrowGameStrong! 💪 

As for the Clear Lash Mascara, it gives you slight volume when applying to your lashes. The Lash Mascara is for when you want to look like you aren’t wearing any makeup. I think this product is #Perfect because it gives you a natural and effortless look without doing too much. You can either shape your natural brows without filling them in or you can fill them in and finish it off with a coat of the Clear Brow Gel. When applying the Lash Mascara, you can apply a generous amount without it clumping together or it being noticeable. It just looks natural and gives a little volume to your real lashes. Overall, I highly recommend the Elf Clear Brow Gel & Lash Mascara! Beauties!, if you haven’t tried this product yet, you must try it! It’s most definitely a #MustHave Beauty Essential! 💕 #Elf #ElfCosmetics #BeautyReview #BeautyBlogger 


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