Pizza Rev 

My Favorite besides Sushi. 😍 I made my own creation of pizza at Pizza Rev’s with fresh ingredients. It’s an AWESOME place because you can walk in and order any pizza you would like with any toppings. The pizza tastes delicious and I love the crust. It’s a thin crust and it has a nice crunch to it! For all of you Pizza Lovers, I’m sure you will love this place! #Pizza #PizzaLover #Foodie #Food #FoodLover #FoodBlogger #Delicious #PizzaPizza 


Macaron Earphones & Case Set 

These Macaron Ear Buds are the cutest pair of ear buds I’ve owned by far. These earphones are a set, which includes a case and earphones. The earphones are compatible with most phones, such as it works with an IPhone, IOS System, Samsung, HTC, Millet, and other mainstream Android Phones and Laptops with a 3.5 mm jack.  These earphones are stylish and quite unique because it comes with a case in which it looks just like a real Macaron. By having the case, it keeps your earphones organized and prevents your earphones from getting tangled, which is a very important feature because most earphones nowadays don’t come with a special compartment/case to put your earphones in which can result to damaged earphones. I purchased my earphones on Ebay, but you can also find this set on Amazon. The brand of the set is called Sibyl. 💕


Sno-Crave Tea House 

First time at SNO-CRAVE Tea House! ☀️🌴-I ordered a Mango Iced Green Tea w/ Mango Toppings (Mango Boba Popping Pearls), which are used in Boba Drinks at many Asian Cafes. They are very sweet and really good! It’s a very refreshing drink and it tastes very good! 😊👌 #SnoCrave #TeaHouse #IcedTea #Tea #GreenTea #Mango #MangoTea #Boba #Refreshing #Yummy #Food #Drink #FoodBlogger


Pop Tarts: Frosted Chocolate Chip 

Good Morning! 🐣💕☀️

I wanted to share with y’all what I eat for my Breakfast/Dessert every once in a while. I like to eat Pop Tarts! However, I like Pop Tarts that taste good. Frosted Chocolate Chip Pop Tarts are so delicious! I eat them for Breakfast or Dessert. It tastes just like a Chocolate Chip Cookie & it literally melts in your mouth. It’s my favorite new flavor for Pop Tarts right now besides the Strawberry Frosting one. These two are my favorites. I haven’t tried any other flavors, but I know these two flavors are delicious! If any of you loves like Pop Tarts, I would suggest that you most definitely try this new flavor! It’s really good! 💞👌👍 #PopTarts #ChocolateChip #Snacks #Food #Foodie #Breakfast #Dessert #Yummy #Delicious