Back to School: Backpack 

My Back to School Backpack from @charlotterusse. 

My Backpack is called “Plated Faux Leather Bucket Backpack.” It’s the perfect Backpack for a student. It holds everything from notebooks,pencils to a binder amongst other essentials/supplies while still looking stylish. I love the envelope-style pocket as well as the top handle and the drawstrings on the Backpack; it makes it look so chic and trendy. I’ve already tried it on and it is very comfortable. It also fits great on my back without the Backpack looking too big or slouchy, which is very important to me. I will be rocking this Backpack a lot for this upcoming year of school! I can’t wait to wear it for this Fall Semester at college. Also, it was only $20, which is AWESOME! Can you say #DealAlert?!😃👌👍 #BacktoSchool #School #College #Fall #Education #Backpack #CharlotteRusse #Style #Fashion #StyleBlogger #FashionBlogger #Accessories #Handbags 


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