Pop Tarts: Frosted Chocolate Chip 

Good Morning! 🐣💕☀️

I wanted to share with y’all what I eat for my Breakfast/Dessert every once in a while. I like to eat Pop Tarts! However, I like Pop Tarts that taste good. Frosted Chocolate Chip Pop Tarts are so delicious! I eat them for Breakfast or Dessert. It tastes just like a Chocolate Chip Cookie & it literally melts in your mouth. It’s my favorite new flavor for Pop Tarts right now besides the Strawberry Frosting one. These two are my favorites. I haven’t tried any other flavors, but I know these two flavors are delicious! If any of you loves like Pop Tarts, I would suggest that you most definitely try this new flavor! It’s really good! 💞👌👍 #PopTarts #ChocolateChip #Snacks #Food #Foodie #Breakfast #Dessert #Yummy #Delicious 


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