VS Pink Body Mists 

🎀 Victoria’s Secret Pink Body Mists 

My Shopping List:

-Pink Total Flirt Body Mist 

( Apple Blossom and Freesia) 2/$10

-Pink Fresh & Clean Body Mist

 ( Fresh Apple and Lily) 2/$10 

Pink Fresh & Clean Body Mist is one of my all time favorite VS Pink Body Mists because I love the fresh scent. It makes you feel so fresh and clean. It just smells so lovely and I get tons of compliments on the Fresh & Clean Body Mist. As for the Pink Total Flirt Body Mist, I am super excited to try this one for the first time! I already love the scent! It’s a fruity/ sweet scent, which is also lovely! I think the Total Flirt Body Mist might be one of my new favorites besides the Fresh & Clean. The pros about both of these VS Pink Body Mists is that they both aren’t overwhelming smells, which in my opinion is very important when purchasing a Body Mist/ Perfume. I also love the light feeling and freshness of both! #VSPink #Pink #VictoriasSecret #PinkBodyMist #BodyMists #FreshandClean #TotalFlirt 


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