Chilis for Dinner 

Chili’s for Sunday Dinner.

 Appetizer: Fried Pickles

I had Fried Pickles for the first time and I can say that I loved these Fried Pickles at Chili’s. They are delicious and very tasty! The dipping sauce was a homemade ranch dipping sauce and it was also really good! I plan on ordering these Fried Pickles next time for my appetizer! 

Meal: Cajun Chicken Pasta 

I’ve had this pasta before and I love it so much! It’s fresh and very tasty as well as creamy! I love the grilled chicken because it has a great seasoning and flavor! This pasta is absolutely delicious and mouth watering! 👅 #Foodie #FoodLover #FoodBlogger #Chilis #Dinnertime #Thankful #CajunChickenPasta #FriedPickles #Delicious 


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