Drugstore Highlighters 

My 2 Favorite Drugstore Highlighters as of right now 😍

💄 Wet N Wild Cosmetics Shimmer Palette in Rosé Champagne Glow

💄 Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Bronzer, Blush, & Eyeshadow in Vegas Strip/ Light Bronzer  

-P.S. I LOVE both of these Shimmer Palettes! I use the Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Palette as my everyday highlighter. I love the natural glow it gives me and it works amazing! This palette is my number one favorite Drugstore Highlighter! I also love this palette because it can be used for multiple purposes such as a Blush/Bronzer/Highlighter & it can be used on your eyes as an Eyeshadow. I recently just bought the Wet N Wild Shimmer Palette in Rosé Champagne Glow and I have worn it about three times and I really really LOVE this product as well! I’m very happy that I purchased this product because the highlight is a gorgeous color and it gives a beautiful glow. Also, this Rosé Champagne Glow Shimmer Palette can be used as a dupe compared to the higher end products such as brands like Mac Cosmetics and Becca Cosmetics, which is why I had to purchase this product immediately! It is my second new favorite Drugstore Highlighter along with my first favorite, Physicians Formula Vegas Strips Shimmer Palette! I love the great quality of both of these Shimmer Palettes and I love the affordable prices! 

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