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Charlotte Russe 

Chokers from @charlotterusse 💕 Too many #gorgeous Chokers to choose! Chokers are a #MustHave accessory. Chokers are a main staple for me because it completes my outfits. Definitely a must have Fashion essential 🙌 Throw on a Choker and your outfit is complete while making a bold Fashion Statement. I love all of the styles of Chokers that I purchased. However, my favorite is the Denim Choker because it is a more current trending topic. Thanks to the lovely @kimkardashian for rocking her denim choker a few weeks ago! Loving the Denim Choker! 💘 It’s such a cute look! Pricing details 🤑 will be listed on my blog 🌺

 #CharlotteRusse #Fashion #Style #Accessory #Choker #FashionBlogger #StyleBlogger 


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