Workout Flow 

Workout grind is stronger than ever 💪 but it’s so exhausting. 😭 I’ve been trying to tone my body. I want to tone my abs, arms, and I’ve been trying to do more squats. I should be trying to do squats everyday for better progress, however, it’s definitely hard work. So I’m slowly progressing, which is always good. Along with working out, I’ve been balancing my eating habits because I’m a foodie! I LOVE food. However, I’m balancing it better because I’ve noticed great results with my energy level and my skin feels a lot better and healthier. Today I worked out using an exercise machine in my home. It’s a weight lifting bench exercise machine. I use it for ab crunches. However, at the end of the machine, it has an area for your feet and you can lift weights with your legs/ feet to build up muscle. The area is specifically for leg exercises and has padded rollers and weights hanging from it. So I also use this machine for the purpose of those two things. I don’t lift the weights on this machine because they are too heavy for me. I lift my hand held weights that are 5 pounds to 10 pounds, which is perfect for me and for toning my arms. The exercise machine brand is called Marcy Club. #Workout #Fitness #Progress #Motivation 


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