Elf Cosmetics Flawless Face Powder (Contour Shade) 

Here’s a close up to the @elfcosmetics Flawless Face Powder in Toffee ✨✨✨ . First off, it is very pigmented and it works very well as a contour shade for my skin tone. It creates a beautiful matte finish. This Flawless Face Powder also is supposed to treat and prevent skin imperfections because it consists of certain ingredients formulated for problematic skin. When applied to the skin, it really does look flawless. I also have the shade in Light Beige, which blends evenly with my skin tone. I will upload a post for the Light Beige shade as well. I will go into detail more for its specific purpose of being a Flawless Face Powder. #Beauty #BeautyBlogger #BeautyGuru #BeautyCommunity #ElfCosmetics #Cosmetics #Makeup #MakeupLover #MakeupJunkie #Drugstore #Affordable #Contour #Face #FlawlessPowder 


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