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Home Decor/ Room Decor: Marshalls 

Home Decor/ Room Decor: I purchased this product from @marshalls “I’m so Fancy” wall art by Colleen Karis Designs. It’s so #fancy and chic! The sparkle and glitter design for this canvas wall art caught my attention immediately. I’m also really loving the idea of the color gold for decor because I love how it brightens up everything in a room. It adds color and style. The white furniture along with the white walls in my room compliments the gold very well. It’s the #perfect touch of glam! ✨Pricing details 🤑 will be listed on my blog. Link: alohabeautyxo.squarespace.com 

Xo Bri 💘

 #HomeDecor #RoomDecor #HomeDesign #RoomDesign #Gold #WallArt #Marshalls #Glam #CKD 


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