Revlon Ultra HD Matte LipColor 

Choose to wear Nude 💋: • @revlon Ultra HD Matte LipColor Liquid Lipstick in Seduction. It’s a Beige Nude. It’s a very flattering Nude shade that can be worn either in the day or night or even for an everyday look. This Matte Lip product from Revlon is my absolute fave! It lasts long and I only have to retouch about a total of two times throughout the day. It’s a creamy and satin-like finish. So, it’s not a traditional matte. The formula is somewhat a satin finish and semi-matte. It also has a flavor/ scent which is pleasant. It smells like watermelon & cherry, thus, sweet and fruity. I highly recommend trying this product, if you haven’t yet! I will post a swatch for this product! 
Xo Bri 💕 

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