Mario Badescu: Facial Spray 

Skin Care: Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater 🌹💦 (For all skin types) 

• @mariobadescu purchased from Ulta 

The Mario Badescu Facial Spray is a multipurpose Facial Spray/ Toner. It hydrates my skin and keeps it feeling refreshed. I use it almost every other day after I apply moisturizer to my face. I’ve also used it without using any moisturizer and it moisturizes very well and absorbs quickly into the skin. I also like to use it during the night whenever I want extra hydration. My skin type is Combination Skin. After using this product, I have noticed my skin has been more hydrated than ever and it feels really smooth and fresh. It’s been my skin rescue! That’s for sure. 🙌 This product is absolutely amazing because it can be used as a setting spray for makeup as well as a hair spray for dry hair. I have used it as a setting spray and it works very well. However, I haven’t tried it as a hair spray yet, but one of these days I will when needed. The fact that this product has Rosewater as an included ingredient is great. Rosewater is a natural ingredient and has many skin-enhancing benefits. It not only makes the skin soft but it cleanses it, thus you feel rejuvenated and hydrated afterwards. I highly recommend this product because it really works and it is an affordable price of only $7, not to mention, you get a lot of product inside the spray bottle (4 fl oz. bottle) which lasts very long because you only need a quick spritz here and there. I will definitely be purchasing this product again and I would also like to check out more products from this skin care line! 💕 

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One thought on “Mario Badescu: Facial Spray 

  1. Girl, I used to use this twice a day as a toner mist and I LOVED IT!!! I went on the Paula’s Beautypedia website and decided to read her review on this spray and the rating was so low! I was so torn on what to do, but after the 3rd bottle, I decided to try out other things.


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