Happy Friday! 

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Happy Friday y’all! Who’s ready for the weekend? Who’s ready for the New Years?  (: 

Hope everyone has a great New Years and a safe one! 

 Xo Bri 💘 


Dupe or Don’t? 

Nyx Glosses in Peanut Brittle and Praline 👄

• Left: @nyxcosmetics Intense Butter Gloss in Peanut Brittle • Right: @nyxcosmetics Butter Gloss in Praline 

I purchased these two glosses because I was searching for a similar dupe to the Kylie Cosmetics. I came across a really great video from You Tuber @shoppermandy 💕 She had mentioned these two Nyx Glosses as affordable dupes! So, immediately I purchased them! I already love the Nyx Butter Glosses, but it’s amazing to know that they can be used as affordable dupes. She also mentioned another Nyx product known as Nyx Skin Tone, however, I couldn’t find this shade at my local Ulta nor Online but I did purchase these two beautiful shades! 😍😍😍 • Literally by Kylie Cosmetics is similar to Nyx Cosmetics Peanut Brittle Intense Butter Gloss • Like by Kylie Cosmetics is similar to Praline Nyx Cosmetics Butter Gloss 

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Banana Cream & Vanilla Wafer Pudding 

Call me Chef Bri 👩🏽‍🍳

• Banana Cream 🍌 & Vanilla Wafer Pudding 

Products used: • Jell-O Vanilla Instant Pudding • Sunny Select Banana Cream Instant Pudding ( Mixed vanilla pudding in separate bowl and Mixed banana pudding in separate bowl then added them together and mixed them) I usually add fresh bananas as well. (Optional -if you want) • Nilla Wafers 11 oz Box •Whisk •Measuring Cup •Flat Silicone Spatula 

Quick Steps: I layered the Nilla wafers on the bottom of the dish and spreaded the pudding with a flat spatula on top of the wafers. Repeating the steps by layering. More pics of the process of this recipe will be on my blog. Link in Bio. 

Inspired by some of the delicious & quick recipes from @tastemade @tastemadeuk @foodnetwork 😋

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