Lorac Cosmetics Alter Ego Happy Hour Hues Lip Gloss Set in Rose Gold 

• @loraccosmetics #AlterEgo Lip Gloss Set in Rose Gold From Top to Bottom: Provocateur (Black Cherry) , Celebrity (Brick Red), Connoisseur (Rose Brown), Ballerina (Bubblegum Pink), Beauty Queen (Rose Pink), and Angel (Nude with Gold Shimmer) The #HappyHourHues Alter Ego Lip Gloss Set in Rose Gold is an amazing Lip Gloss Collection! It makes the #perfect 🎄Holiday Gift 🎁as well. The quality of these Lip Glosses are absolutely amazing because of the formula. If you are a lip gloss lover, then I think you will love this set! I definitely love this set! All of the shades are beautiful. 😍😍😍

 -P.S. You could give one to each friend or a family member or you could use this collection as a stocking stuffer gift. 💕 Price Details 🤑 $25 ($96 Value) . 

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    • I haven’t tried the Buxom yet. I have tried the Nyx Lip Glosses and I like the Lorac Glosses better. They are very pigmented and I have noticed that the Lorac Glosses stay on longer than the Nyx ones. They smell delicious and the color I wore lasted for about 3- 4 Hours or so without eating. Also, the color I wore to test the difference is the Provocateur (Black Cherry). (:

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