Home Decor/ Room Decor

Home Decor & Room Decor from Marshalls 

👀 Looking for Home/ Room Decor or Storage • Bino Multi-use Organizer “The Free Spirit” from @marshalls I’m using this organizer as a Cosmetics Organizer for the purpose of organizing my Makeup/ Cosmetics Station. Price: $19.99 However, it retails for $29.99. I really like this organizer because it’s very sturdy and a great size, thus it has a lot of compartments and it includes two removable drawers. Not to mention, I like how it is crystal clear acrylic.  

The Free Spirit Cosmetic Organizer is placed on top of another product I purchased at Marshalls, which is this beautiful rug for my room decor. The Microfiber Mat price: $7.99. I love this rug! It’s so stylish and chic! I call it the “snow ball” rug because it has these plush balls that look like small ❄️ snow balls 😂 but it’s super cute! 👌 🙂  
More pics of this rug will be posted on my blog! 🌺 Link in my Bio. 

Xo Bri 💘 

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