Beauty/Skincare Finds at Marshalls: H2o Plus 

Beauty/ Skincare Finds at Marshalls: • @h2oplususa Oasis Mist Price: $2.99💧 • @h2oplususa Night Oasis Overnight Moisture Lock Price: $5.99 💦💦💦 The price for these two products were outstanding because most of the H2o Products are costly in which the prices range from average to high, thus more high end products. This is my first time using this brand, however, I’m very happy. I’ve read many good reviews about this Beauty/Skincare line. I’m happy @marshalls carries it. I’ve used the Face Oasis Mist a few times now. So far, I really like this product. It feels good when spritzed onto the face. I use it throughout the day to keep my face rejuvenated and fresh. I’ve used the Night Oasis Moisture Lock once at night. When I woke up, my face felt very soft and it felt hydrated. I purchased these two products for the reason of keeping my face moisturized and hydrated, especially during the winter season.

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