Sock Em’ Dead Boots 

Sock Em’ Dead Boots 👢

Sock Em’ Dead in these boots 😍😍😍 • @publicdesire Elliott Sock Fit Stripe Ankle Boots in Khaki Knit 

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Deep from the Dead Sea Facial Serum 

• Deep from the Dead Sea Coconut with Dead Sea Minerals Facial Serum w/ Antioxidant powder •Vitamin rich Purchase from Ross I’ve been looking for an affordable and a good serum for the face. I decided to try this facial serum product. So far, I have used this serum for a few weeks now and every time I use it, it hydrates my face and helps keep my skin smooth, refreshed and gives a radiant glow as claimed. I like this product because it’s also a gel consistency and it’s a fresh/ light coconut scent which smells very nice. I apply every other morning after my moisturizer. I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my skin. It’s been a lot more softer and hydrated especially during the harsh cold weather. 

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Chipotle and Panera Bread 

@chipotlemexicangrill and @panerabread Okay y’all I had to get something from both. Panera and Chipotle are right next to each other. They were calling my name 😭😂😭 Chipotle: Steak Burrito Bowl and Panera: Acai Berry Iced Green Tea Drink

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Elf Cosmetics Foundation Palette 

• @elfcosmetics Foundation Palette Light/Medium  

I haven’t tried a foundation product from Elf Cosmetics yet, however, I can’t wait to try this Foundation Palette. Purchase from Ulta Beauty for 🤑 $6.00, which is a great price for foundation. 

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