Kylighter: Salted Caramel 

Stay lit 🔥Season✨ 

@kyliejenner @kyliecosmetics #KYLIGHTER in Salted Caramel 

Let’s glow, Glow together 💕 

First Impression: 

I love the packaging and the makeup design. The dripping effect is so dope. It’s just Jaw Dropping! I had to get my hands on this love! I’m at a loss for words but the Salted Caramel Kylighter is absolutely stunning! It’s so buttery, smooth and silky. 🤤😍 I really love how it gives a smooth and more natural finish. My personal preference for a highlighter is to be poppin’ however also an effortless smooth-like glow but it’s definitely not an intense blinding highlight and it’s less pigmented than expected when swatched on the hand, however, don’t underestimate it because when applied to the cheekbones, it becomes very pigmented. Overall, I actually really like this type of highlight because it’s great for a soft glow and it doesn’t give any kind of patchiness plus it’s build-able, thus it can give you a poppin’ look with it still being a silky and smooth finish.  

First ever Kylie Cosmetics purchase . I’m going cray y’all!!!!! Treated myself to an early Birthday Present 🎁 and splurged on a high end Highlighter product. I’m so so so happy and thankful 😊  


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