#FashionbyAlohaBFriday Inspiration from the go-to or average sweatshirt. Introducing the FENTY Puma X Rihanna Slip-On Hood Hat Fashion Talk & Deets 💕 @fashionbyalohab 

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Cozy Cone 

🍎Freeze 🤤👅 

Red’s Apple Freeze from Cozy Cone Motel at California Disneyland Adventure Park in Anaheim, CA. 

Cone #4 serves this deliciousness! 

It’s made with 100% frozen apple juice with a hint of toasted marshmallow and passion fruit-mango foam, Can you say mouth-watering?! 🤤

Price: $4.99 ( Worth every penny ) 


Ulta Beauty Goodies 

More Ulta Beauty Goodies: •  Murad Youth Renewal Serum ( I haven’t tried this Serum yet, but I’ve heard this is a great brand so I look forward to trying it out) •  Ulta Beauty Plush Drama Volume Mascara ( I have tried this mascara and I really love it for applying to my bottom lashes)  


Owl X Fish 

Owl 🦉 X Fish 🐟 

#TrendsetterTuesday I stumbled upon this store when I was shopping and I’m so so so glad I did! The clothing store is located in L.A. 

It has become my new favorite store. I love all of the clothing pieces in this store. Make tons of fashion statements with Owl X Fish. 💕 

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