Sunday Funday Shopping 

Sunday Funday Shopping at Marshalls: • @measurabledifference Rose Hip Body Oil • @measurabledifference Vitamin C Serum Skin Care Purchases from @marshalls Skin Care is very important to me and I’m always searching for new products and researching certain methods or techniques for keeping my skin feeling healthy. Skin Care products such as oils and serums have been very beneficial in many ways to improving skin appearance by giving off a healthy glow and keeping it healthy as well as feeling soft. I have used only one Serum so far, however, now I have another Serum to add to my collection. I love the way serums feel when applied to face. As for oils, I use Coconut Oil and Olive Oil as my Go-To Natural Skin Care remedies, which work amazing. Thus, I wanted to purchase a new type of oil and try it out. So, I purchased the Rose Hip Body Oil. Rose Hip and Vitamin C in general are great but when used as an Oil or Serum should result in even better results, especially for skin treatment. I’m very excited to try both of these products! 💕🎶 Music By: @thegr8khalid @liltunechi @kehlani -Location Remix  


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