Happy Mother’s Day Mom! 

@ Momma’s Mother’s Day Lunch 🍽 Happy Mother’s Day to this lovely women, my momma 💗💗💗and S/O to my amazing Dad! 💗💗💗 No matter what we go through and no matter our disagreements every once in awhile, I know you will always be there for me and I LOVE YOU. 

Thank you for always giving me advice and helping me even when I don’t always want the advice or ask for it, but you are always always always there. Thank you for being a phenomenal women and mother because you are the Boss Lady. You are inspiring mom. I admire everything you do. From your persistence and ambition in whatever you do, your genuine heart and kindness, and your work ethic. I LOVE YOU beyond words. 

Xo, Love Always 💖 your daughter, Bri Bri

Today is your special day. We celebrate you and We All Love You So Much! #HappyMothersDay 💗 


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