Skin Routine on treating Acne

Skin Routine w/ treating Acne: Stridex Pads • Stridex Pads are very beneficial when fighting stubborn breakouts. These Acne pads work intensely by getting rid of unwanted acne/ breakouts. Thus, some of its benefits are by getting rid of dirt and excess oils as well as by drying the breakouts out. I only use these pads once a week because they are very drying even though I purchased the sensitive pads with aloe. The sensitive pads with aloe are my favorite ones from this brand because the smell is such a fresh, clean and fruity scent. However, once a week is just right for my skin because it keeps my Acne treated very well with the outcome of having no breakouts to very mild. After using these pads, my skin is clean and well treated and stays Acne-free for quite awhile. I highly recommend these Acne pads for anyone struggling with acne breakouts whether it be on a daily basis to once in a while, it definitely helps keep your complexion clean and fresh. The price point of this product is amazing. Price: $3.97 Purchased from Walmart 


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